Sat May 20
  • Doors 9pm • Ages 21+
The Ridge at New Mountain AVL

Dope 2.2 Party

Prince Tryp, Fluid, Trip Gang, General Chryst + more!

Come out and join us for Dope 2.2, Saturday May 20th at The Ridge at New Mountain AVL!

Prince Tryp:

Tryp always loved music. He remembers going threw his grandfathers collection of albums for hours. In Atlanta with his younger cousin, he decided he loved music enough to want to try to create his own music. He dropped a mixtape called "Freestyling but not For Free." He got great feed back from his friends and family back home in NC. So when came back home to Hickory his Mom helped him build a studio booth. This booth is where Tryp made his next 2 mixtapes "The beginning of a Legend" and "#GANGGREEN." He also help release "Avid Soul" and "TKO Platinum Hits." These 2 Albums were a collaborate album filled with artist from the label he's apart of Avid Money. He's performed at the Oktoberfest in Hickory,NC. He's also performed in Charlotte and Asheville. Tryp is working on many projects that should be released this summer. Be on the lookout for Tryple projects on SoundCloud. Also follow Tryp on twitter @thatprinceshit.


What up my people Fluids the name,

Im here to tell y'all a little about myself. My original name is James Louis Norfleet III and I have been doing music with my brother for several years. Im originally from the streets of Springfield Illinois. I grew up right around the corner from ever green terrace and got into the music scene by just being around others from the block that where living and struggling in the same conditions as I was. I believe that I bring street music to life in a different form, instead of gang banging and shooting and drugs I try to look at the way i grew up. Where Im from there is a lot of crime, death and drugs, but you don't have to let that rule the way you see the world.

Trip Gang:

Comprised of three Asheville natives: Ken Trips, SASS and Chris Angel, Trip Gang has evolved from being a few friends rapping together to becoming a full fledged team. SASS is one of the original members of Musty Mark Records and leads the group along side Chris Angel and Ken Trips. Chris Angel is also an original product of MMR and is an essential part of the sound Trip Gang produces. Lastly, Ken Trips was the last member to be taken under MMR's wing and now raps with Trip Gang and plans to release his own music soon. With beats that can rock rooms and lyrics that sweetly pierce the listener's ears, Trip Gang is easily becoming rap's next underground movement.

40 Boyz:

How many musicians get to perform in stadiums in front of thousands of people? How many writers and directors have made Academy Award-winning films? How many people have become Youtube famous since its creation in 2005? A lot. However, the ceiling for a member of the #40Boyz is much higher than other famous artists of today. The #40Boyz is an all-inclusive unincorporated nonprofit association whose members are individual artists & groups of artists all working for the common purpose of supporting each others' artistic aspirations through multiple avenues, including but not limited to mentorship from fellow artists in the #40Boyz, amalgamating a fanbase composed of a combination of each #40Boyz member's individual fanbase, positive encouragement towards the goals of its members and by its members, and a pool of resources, each resource being a fellow #40Boyz member that can potentially provide an opportunity to take the next step towards the achievement of one's goals. This symbiotic association is the reason that the #40Boyz is all-inclusive; the more members the #40Boyz has, the more resources each member has and the higher each member's chances are of reaching their goals. Ultimately, the #40Boyz is about bringing people together for a common productive purpose, and the more people who we can provide that experience for, the better of a place the world will become.

Dexter Da Finesser:

Yoooo it's yo boy DEXTER DA FINESSER coming live from HICKORY NC you can find my music on DatPiff and YouTube I recommend you check my single "KEEP IT HOT" it's a banger ......

General Chryst:

: born in Rockingham city Nc Country boy moved to Burlington Always had a love for music from rock to hip hop,jazz serious about music age14 my best friends and I formed the group TOP NOtch as we took in other friends and family in the musical circle we created the UNdaworld Dynasty We maintain rocking local shows and hittin the streets hard with mixtape Finally we brought about a full aibum that was a double disc but soon after we grew apart due to life's path but we found ourseleves back at investing in our studio but that didnt last after the spot for studio was ruin by some legal problem I resurfaced forming a group called 3rd Caliber whiched defused quick due to a member ego trippin but I moved on but the friends of Undaworld Dynasty we all continued to work toward our dreams unfortunate I ended up in some trouble did 2 and half years in prison. then about a year after getttin back on track I begin workin with my UNDAWORLD family to get back to doing Music Now currently I just released my 1st debut Mixtape "Da UNdastanding " with most of my Undaworld family featured on



General Chryst & Montrell Goof


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